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Have a long way to go still but! Realisticizing the biggest fella in Wonderland, using references from the show, and other various critters along the way. Just a rough draft of what I have so far:
  Project Realism!Jabberwock by roamingtigress
Finally writing fanfic for the first time since . . . Holycrap, 2012.
I am so, SO bad about neglecting DeviantArt. I blame LioDen. I *do* plan on updating but I have to make sure I keep ontop of that, or I'll slip again. :P

Anyways, is anyone familiar with the old school anime Alice in Wonderland series by Nippon Animation that ran from 1983-1984? It was a childhood favorite of mine and I've recently been rewatching it again after all these years. Moody ol' Jabberwock's my favorite <3 I'm working on my first picture of him since I was eight, haha. He is surprisingly not easy to do. Holy crap those horns.…

Series can be found here:…


Just intro'd him in the Duckverse. It's the first time since I've played him in  . . . 3 years? He is the cutest paunchiest rooster around <3 I feel terrible for neglecting him.
Since I've jumped back into RPing Steelbeak in DuckVerse/Old Haunt. Hell of a lot of fun and if anyone's wanting me to cause trouble (or have trouble caused to him because I'm a sadist ;)) just give me a shout, I'm really up for anything. I just rewatced "Cleanliness" and find myself shipping Ammonia x SB all over again. So many ships . . . 
Got my membership approved and let Steelbeak make an entrance :D I started a new thread/blog post, and created a new group, Steelbeak's Place, a swanky cozy little spot overlooking the city from that fancypants penthouse of his. You can make yourself at home there, just as long as you lather the attention on FOWL's numero uno XD It feels great to play him again, it's been so long.
So eager to get back into RPing on DuckVerse. Steelbeak, it's been so long since I've played you. <3 I don't have anything set in stone with what I have in plan, so I'll just . . . Wing it :D If anyone wants to plot you can reply or PM me.
I've just been very busy this past year, hit an unexpectedly long writers/artists blog (not helped by my obsession with LioDen) but aim to change that! I have also been kept occupied with a new little man in my life, an adorable Boston Terrier mix named Ollie who I adopted back in June. He was an unclaimed stray who wasn't in the best of shape, didin't know any manners but he has come a long way and is a very smart, quick little learner who doesn't bug his "sister" Matilda too much ;) I'll put up some pictures of him and aim to get some new pictures of him soon -- he looks SO much better than when I first took those pics!
Hope you all had a good one as I did :) Among all the lovely things I got that included enough books for a small library and lots of nice antique animal ceramics, I got a Wacom tablet! I've just started to practice on this new shiny baby and here's the first masterpiece I've made with it ;)  Ta-DA! by roamingtigress
Somehow I managed to let shiny things distract me from drawing but I have to say, I think I am back again :) And it feels good. Drawing helps hold me together and I am dedicated to spending some of my time. I'm also going to try to get those darn hands down, damnit. 

Some unfortunate events happened in my time away. In addition to losing Suki in November, I have lost my dear ratboys, Harvey II and Phantom :( They passed away a week or so away from each other this spring. I have, however, had two adorable rat boys brought into my life; a silver fawn boy named Maple and a chocolate agouti boy named Cedar. If you're on my FB, you've probably seen their pictures. I plan on taking better, more presentable ones very soon where Maple's red eyes don't look redder. :P 
I made this video in memory of Suki, who I still miss even if it has been some months since she's passed:

In Memory of Suki

Now for my inquiry, which is totally unrelated, is this:

I am looking for a roleplayer, a fellow fan of Darkwing Duck, to RP with, specifically with the slash pairing of Vladimir Grizzlikoff and Steelbeak. I would play Steelbeak, and you would play Vlad.  Now I am also up for DWD x Steelbeak but I would prefer this pairing. Interested? Gimme a shout on AIM @ SpiritTiger83. I will be on at about 6:30pm but if that's too late for you, you can reply here with what time you would prefer. 

C'mon. You know you wanna.
Suki passed away last week. :*( She was fifteen. I have been making an attempt to make a video for her but it's just still too raw. She is now with Hamish. Play hard at the Rainbow Bridge with Hamish, my little queen.
Think ya'll could send a vote in for the pictures I've taken here?… If you have problems wondering where they are, they are in the "View and vote for entries" and my name there is Meaghan Edwards :)

Thanks in advance! :) 
I posted this on my FB a couple times with not much luck, so many apathetic people on my list :( I guess because it doesn't involve cutesy puppies or kittens.…

This is an organization my SPCA supports; they are reputable and know their thing, and help educate the community about reptiles. 

And I promise, there will be more artwork coming up from me! 

Edit: another important petition:…
I am 30 years old. So ancient ;) Thanks to all the birthday wishes! And yes, I do promise more art :)
From an unexpected hiatus. Art block hit me hard just as I thought I was getting over it; and bam, it hit me again. I'm happy to say that I think I've gotten over it again (got two new pictures I've just uploaded) and during that time I picked up another interest; the wonderfully quirky, brilliant, attractive and-not-for-the-easily-offended Russell Brand :heart: NOBODY has taken on the Westboro Baptist Church like he has.…

My fondness of him was sparked by my lovely corrupting me with Rock of Ages, where he plays the adorable little Lonny, who is the lover of Alec Baldwin's character, Dennis. I ship them so hard.

Lately I haven't been as productive, art-wise, as you may have noticed from the lack of submissions from me as of lately. I would try to do stuff, and while I would get some stuff done I'd stumble into an art block :P I think I stil might be in my stumble but slowly working on getting out of it.
Last year:

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11 favourites were given for every 10 comments.

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The busiest month was January 2012 when 33 (15%) deviations were submitted.

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Deviation views per day: 204

I think I'm surviving ;) I would like to take this moment to thank each and everyone of you for your support, be it in the form of favorites, feedback or just views. It is truly, truly appreciated.

For my 2013 artistic resolution, I aim to get myself a drawing tablet (and maybe, maybe have the occassional Livestreams for requests etc up if I get the courage to do so). I also aim to try out new styles, to keep up with the balance of both photography and drawing. I also want to get better all over, from anatomy to colouring. My Tutorial section in my favorites is surely going to expand ;)  I also plan on doing more backgrounds/scenery pieces.  I may also throw the occasional canon character drawing jams. We'll see.
By far my favorite look-after-an-animal game is Howrse. I have taken long breaks from it now and then but I just keep coming back.

If you're interested in joining, I have a referral link :)…